Terry Davis Baseball Camps are held in multiple locations throughout the year, including within the Bellarmine University Athletics Facilities, on Knights Field as well as other locations in Kentucky. Please view the individual camp pages for specific location information for each camp and clinic.


Knights Field has been the home of the Bellarmine baseball program since the facility was built in 1954. Seeded with natural grass and located in a beautiful setting at the face of the campus, Knights Field boasts one of the best diamonds in the Great Lakes Valley Conference as well as the region.

Featuring covered dugouts, bullpens, batting cage and an elevated press box, it has all the feel of a modern facility and everything needed to develop the modern student-athlete. A 20-foot high fence lines the outfield with the field dimensions being 355 feet to left, 380 to dead center and 335 down the right field line. The power alleys measure 360.

In the fall of 2013, Knights Field as well as the Knights Locker Room underwent a major renovation. Both dugouts where extended out 10 feet and also include the addition of a 5 foot padded railing to enclose the dugouts allowing for a much more comfortable space for players and coaches during games and practices.

The infield surface at Knights Field was laser graded and completely renovated as well, allowing for a much truer playing surface than in the past. Irrigation was also installed in the outfield to allow the field to stay pristine during the hot summer months.


The additions to the locker room included brand new black carpet with a white Knight head logo in the center of the room surrounded by two black leather couches. The exterior of the room is blanketed by 40 wooden oak lockers with nameplates.

Each locker includes a large storage space on the bottom, a place to hang your clothes, and a lock box for your personal belongings. Each locker is engraved with a Knight head logo on the exterior of the lockbox. A 55 inch flat screen TV as well as a stereo system was also installed to allow players a place to lounge during the day during their downtime.

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